Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Davidoff cigarettes new launches - Alongside with the new campaign

“For those who reveal the fire within” - Imperial Tobacco has revealed the third in its Duty Free exclusive Davidoff Magnum Elite series, the limited edition, ultra-luxury cigarette targeted at high-spending travellers through a few selected airport retail locations worldwide: Magnum Elite Legend.

Like the two successful editions before, Magnum Elite Legend aims to underline the premium position of Davidoff within the Duty Free environment and forms part of its “For the Hunters” global marketing campaign. Davidoff Magnum Elite Legend will be aimed largely at Chinese travellers, along with other Asian nationalities.

Every Davidoff Legend is crafted using the finest tobacco leaves. The leaves are harvested at their optimum, matured for up to 9 months, after which the master blender creates the signature Magnum Elite Legend blend for an exclusive limited edition. Burley tobacco gives it strength, Virginia lends its sweet character, while sun-dried Oriental adds a hint of the exotic. The result is nothing short of legendary.

Presentation is key for Davidoff Magnum Elite Legend - every Duty Free box is individually numbered.

Christian Drews, Portfolio & Activation Manager GDF for Davidoff says: “Davidoff Magnum Elite Legend is the ultimate luxury cigarette, combining a supremely smooth taste and flavor with beautifully designed and handcrafted collectors’ cartons. By the very nature of its limited availability, both in terms of time and location, Davidoff Magnum Elite Legend will become a must-have product for the audience it is aimed at.

Magnum Elite will be promoted as part of Imperial Tobacco’s ‘For the Hunters’ campaign, which this year is taken to the next level. ‘For the Hunters 2.0’ is pushing more boundaries and ensuring that the Davidoff cigarette stands out even more strikingly than before – Davidoff today is sharper, bolder and more on the cutting edge of travellers’ lives and dreams.

Alongside with the new campaign, a new limited edition Davidoff Hunter’s Urban Venture pack is being launched, showcasing superior design from the ultimate premium brand. Davidoff Hunter’s Urban Pack is produced and crafted with focus on detail. More than just a modern innovative design, the new pack captures the essence of today’s Davidoff hunters who strive for success.

Davidoff Magnum Elite Legend, Davidoff Hunter’s Urban Venture and the new Hunters 2.0 campaign can be seen in Cannes this year: Find us at Golden Village Go6.


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