Thursday, 7 September 2017

A new counter top display for Antica Sambuca

Sambuca and liqueur specialist, Rossi D’Asiago is once exhibiting at TFWA World Exhibition (Marine Village, R03) with its globally successful Antica Sambuca brand.

With a superior taste that elevates it to a premium level, the Antica Sambuca Classic follows an ancient recipe created in the mid 1950’s, inspired by the craft production process inherited by Augusto Rossi, the son of the founder of Rossi D’Asiago, Giovan Battista Rossi. Made from only natural ingredients, distilled in an infusion of Anise Star fruits and other herbs in alcohol, the precise process ensures distinctiveness and uniqueness. Essential oils are extracted from the distillation under steam of the anise stars and herbs including: oranges, cinnamon, nutmeg, fennel, and pepper.

Last year, saw the introduction of Rossi D'Asiago's first 5cl miniature Antica Sambuca bottle; introduced to open up new opportunities with airlines and ferry/cruise operators. 
This year sees Rossi D’Asiago return with its new counter top display for its minature bottles. The Antica Sambuca branded display is ideal for the duty free market as it allows for a number of bottles to be displayed in a eye-catching way, whilst at the same saving shelf space. 
Export Director, Nicola Dal Toso, Rossi D'Asiago, comments, "We wanted to produce a counter top display unit that would be ideal for point of sale merchandising. We are aware that a lot of purchases in duty free are on impulse, so ensuring Antica Sambuca is available in a format that allows for such POS displays was vital for our global TR strategy. " 
Each counter top display unit can hold 30, 5cl Antica Sambuca bottles. 

Rossi D'Asiago welcomes you to its TFWA WE stand (Marine Village, R03) to try its delicious range of Sambuca products. 

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