Thursday, 26 April 2018


The perfect product for travellers, now available to GTR

The world’s most advanced blue light-based wearable that helps consumers beat jet lag, sleep better and have more energy, is set to become the next ‘must-have’ item for Travel Retail.

The award-winning AYO comes in the form of a light-based wearable, completely controlled by the AYO App with smart programs for Travel, Sleep and Energy.

For travellers, the huge plus is that the AYO’s Travel Program can help readjust users to a new time zone two to three times faster than normal. It also reduces fatigue and increases energy levels in as little as 20 minutes, along with improving the quality of sleep when used regularly in less than five days.

No wonder that the AYO has received an international Red Dot award for Product Design and has been nominated as a finalist in the electronics category of the first consumer-voted Travel Retail Awards* taking place on May 7th in Singapore.

AYO gets to know the individual by creating a user profile in the AYO App based on sleep habits, personal preferences and travel plans. By being exposed to AYO’s unique blue light for as little as 20-30 minutes a day, following AYO’s personalized schedule, wearers can adapt much faster and better to a new time zone, improve their energy levels and sleep patterns.

The product is based on numerous clinical studies and more than 20 years of Chronobiology research performed in leading institutions, including Harvard, Oxford and NASA, that have shown that we can actively manage our biological clocks, sleep cycles, and energy levels.

The human brain needs at least seven hours’ sleep every night to function properly. Yet the slightest change to routine can create havoc with sleep patterns. For regular travellers, the problems can become critical. AYO solves the problem by exposing eyes to blue light in sessions as little as 20 minutes, optimising the body rhythm, resetting the biological alarm clock and assisting with sleep patterns.
To use AYO, the wearer simply pairs the headset with his/her mobile device via Bluetooth. Based on entered information, the app will then work out the perfect time for using the headset and alert the user. The AYO app offers multiple different modes, including pairing sleeping habits with a partner.
Thanks to energy-efficient LEDs, AYO can provide three hours of light on a full charge. It is sold with a hard case that can charge the headset on the go, adding another 10 hours of use - ideal for traveling.
Listed onboard by KLM and available worldwide through multiple retailers including Amazon, the AYO retails for US $299
“AYO is now being used by consumers in more than 100 countries worldwide and has received incredibly positive reviews. Its travel benefits make it an absolute must-stock item for travel retailers through all channels of distribution, but particularly inflight and airports,” says Aleksandar Dimitrov, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at AYO. “The fact that AYO has been nominated as a finalist in the first consumer-voted Travel Retail Awards really speaks for itself and we’re thrilled to have such valuable verification.”

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