Monday, 23 April 2018

Furla features its AW18-19 collection in Singapore

Furla is pleased to announce that it is bringing its new AW 2018-19 women’s and men’s collections to Singapore this year for the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition (stand J22, Basement 2).

Women’s collection

Freedom. Independence. Poetry are the key themes of the collection. The freedom of sports, the independence of streetwear, the poetry of listening to one's moods.

The new bags feature extremely technical details created in collaboration with clothing companies, with panels of exclusive workmanship that bring to one’s mind the softness of duvets. The bags are as light as they are technical, even with the volumes of the larger sized bags.

The new bags are divided into three different styles:

* Furla Polar: the zippered top handles, very technical

* Furla Bomber: the underarm, with a voluminous flap whose "street" technical effect evokes subtle references to the Furla prints of the latest three seasons for a sophisticated and contemporary touch

* Furla Artic: in XL size, fuller volumes, a round design with great lightness and simplicity — and a leather handle

The warm world of duvets but also the world of synthetic fur: a friendly, playful mood that feels protective. The extreme innovation of materials becomes form and — at the same time — function.

WonderFurla is the new sneaker: a unique and exclusive design, with the innovative structure of the rainbow sole composed by five colors. WonderFurla plays with the materials used for the bags— the sock can become fur, or a glitter shirt with round lines. And light as a feather.

 Men’s collection
The men’s collection tells the story of a journey through time; of a man’s journey and his desire for freedom. The curvilinear shapes of military motorcycles from the 1940s, the cool lightness of 1950s mopeds, the freewheelin’ 1960s and the austere, geometric lines of the 1970s/1980s.

The collection includes:
Furla Mecurio: inspired by the motorcycles designed in the 1940, the beauty of vintage lines; the motorcycle’s bodywork morphing into bags (travel / city), the elegant and precious materials, the hardware’s light satin finish that reminds of a bike’s bolts, its engine. The PVC endowing the fabrics with a deeper cohesion and a more masculine feeling.

Furla Icaro: influenced by the sheer power and strength of the great distance’s motorcycles, for men who travel, who need the highest degree of reliability. The design is aggressive, especially for the messenger bag (Furla’s new identifying product). It's a line for men who love rock music, a line for bikers: the purity of the classic black studded leather’s jacket, the nylon satin bag embroidered with a dragon (inspired by flight jackets from the 60s).

Furla Giove: references the Dolce Vita, the light blue tones and the yellow ochre evokes the slightly dusty facades of Rome’s palazzi.

Furla Marte: evokes customized motorcycles – the Art Bikes: unique pieces, created especially for the most experienced and discerning riders. An all-metallic line maybe more attuned to the world of aeronautics rather than to motorcycling: it’s a line for men who race their bikes as if they wanted to fly. Clean straight lines for a functional, classic but aggressive formal, businesslike style. The smooth printed materials and the scratched nappa. A world of animal prints - the cheetah, the eagle, the falcon - remixed with geometric backdrops.

Furla Atlante: a reference to the world of racing – pure, extreme speed and the sense of adventure: 3-D effects, geometries with different levels of print and colour.

Furla Ulisse: backpacks and fanny bags play with the personalization of Furla’s iconic teddy bear from the Uomo collection.

 We are very excited to be showing the new collection in Singapore - it’s a great opportunity for us to secure new business and meet old friends and new at the various fabulous social events says Gerry Munday, Furla’s Global Travel Retail Director. Furla has seen phenomenal success in the Asia Pacific region and already this year we have opened a multitude of new stores including Shanghai Pudong T2, Changi T2, Penghu, Scottswalk T Galleria in Singapore, and the new Kingpower mega-complex in Bangkok, and many more to come”.

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