Tuesday, 7 October 2014

MITR brings exciting new innovations and a new travel retail concept to TFWA World Exhibition

 Fun filled confectionery company Mars International Travel Retail will be showcasing a range of new, exciting innovations at TFWA World Exhibition, alongside its major new strategy positioning (Bay Village 09). Aimed at providing high quality confectionery products that are perfect for sharing and gifting, the new range focuses on its core brands.

New products include:

M&M’s Exclusive Pouch – The ideal pack for sharing with friends or family, this new range of M&M’s chocolate is available in Maxi size (440g) and Large size (340g) and will tap into the fun of travel retail.

M&M’s mug –The perfect gift for a loved one, this new M&M’s mug is available with either the Red or Yellow M&M’s popular character. With a snappy quote and a 45gram packet of M&M’s Choco included, this is a product for all the M&M’s lovers in the world and showing how coffee and chocolate are a great match together.

Multi Pack Bars- Available in Twix, Mars, Bounty and Snickers, these multi packs include eight full size bars. Great for a family who love to share their favourite chocolate bars while travelling or when at home.

Miniatures sharing box- Ideal for sharing and gifting, the new 260grams boxes are available in Mars, Twix and Snickers.

Travel Bites- Ideal for those families that have different confectionary tastes. The new Travel Bites include 15 sharing bags in a 450 gram pouch. The pouch includes: M&M’s, Skittles and Maltesers making it the perfect mini mix.

Galaxy Multipack Tablets- Perfect for the ultimate chocoholic, the new Galaxy Multipack Tablet offers 8x 114g bars of Smooth Milk, Cookie Crumble, Caramel (135g) and Honeycomb Crisp. Ideal for sharing on a long trip amongst family members or bringing home as a special treat, the new Galaxy Multipack is sure to put a smile on any Galaxy lovers face.

Skittles Sharing Bag – Great for sharing on a trip, this new Skittle sharing bag contains 20 mini bags, making it the ultimate sharing sweet bag.

Extra new best ever recipe- A new global harmonized design with new improved formulas, Wrigley Extra introduces two new flavours; Peppermint and Spearmint. Available in both bottle and 5-pack sizes the new range of Wrigley is perfect for meeting the travellers needs for refreshment and oral care.

With its aim to be the leading confectionery company in category management, MITR will be launching its Mission MITR Cannes TFWA 2014 on the 28th October. Focusing on adding value to every part within the Trinity, MITR will be introducing a new way of working within travel retail. With interactive elements and big influencers within the industry present, the event will focus on its new vision, the simplicity of it implementation and its future sustainability.

MITR Marketing Director Lieke Duijmelings comments, “This year’s TFWA World Exhibition is extremely important for MITR; we are not only launching a great, exciting new range of products that are perfect for sharing or gifting but we are also launching a whole new travel retail concept based upon extensive market research. Both of course are complementary to each other and will be further enhanced by a high profile activation program for 2015, details of which will be available on the stand.”

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