Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Luxurious, personalized and unique - The new Davidoff Magnum Elite 1926 from Imperial Tobacco

Luxurious, personalized and unique – These are the key attributes envisioned for the Davidoff Magnum Elite 1926 cigarettes. Obtainable exclusively in travel retail in strictly limited quantities, this new Imperial Tobacco offer is being rolled out to selected airports worldwide.

Davidoff Magnum Elite 1926 is exclusively offered in selected markets. Made from the most refined blends, Davidoff Magnum Elite 1926’s precious taste is only mirrored by its luxurious design, where every feature was carefully shaped. The product’s limited availability (only 25,000 cartons exist) and the handwritten numbers on the carton (yes, handwritten!) emphasize the individuality of this offer that only a few have the chance to possess. Furthermore, its lavish brown and gold colours and patented display feature transform it into the perfect concept to be showcased in exclusive Duty Free shops around the world.

Superior French design with finest material ‘Made In Germany’. This was the starting point of Davidoff Magnum Elite 1926. Though such a strong proposition stands out by itself, its launch is being supported with key activities to bring its luxurious essence to life.  For all shops, brown and gold coloured personalised tools were developed, mirroring the products’ luxurious character.

Furthermore, on-shelf glorifiers with an open carton centrally showcased were designed so consumers have the chance to see the masterpiece and capture its two main features: the display mechanism and unique serial numbers. In Dubai, a customised display has found its new home in the first class lounge of Emirates airline. The goal is clear: offer this proposition in a prime location and surround it with elegant scenery. To accompany these settings, elegant and extensively trained Brand Ambassadors have been hired. Dressed in high-class fashion, they not only share key product information and its inspiring features but also relate the Davidoff heritage and history to consumers. All in the aim of delivering the full Davidoff Magnum Elite 1926 experience to Duty Free markets!

Davidoff Magnum Elite 1926 will continue to inspire Duty Free markets until the last masterpiece is picked.   

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