Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Stoli ® to sponsor TFWA China’s Century break as part of regional development strategy

The afternoon ‘coffee’ break session on the first day of this year’s TFWA China’s Century Conference will have a spirited touch thanks to sponsorship by Stolichnaya® Premium vodka. The decision is part of an ongoing strategy by Stoli® in 2015 to develop the brand’s image and position within Asia and particularly China.

According to International Wine and Spirit Research (IWSR), the Chinese will buy nearly 7.7 billion litres of spirits in 2015, which represents an increase of 8% since 2009. While vodka is still a young market, with sales far behind those of whiskey, cognac, wine and Champagne, it is seen as having great potential – particularly among the new ‘80s and 90s’ generation.

Says Stoli Global Duty Free & Travel Retail Director JP Aucher: ‘China is traditionally not a vodka market, but as consumers are travelling more and becoming more aligned to the Western lifestyle, so consumer tastes are changing and this has been reflected by Stoli sales trend on the Chinese domestic market over the past years’.

‘We know that for the Chinese, purity, luxury and social standing are highly valued and vodka which can communicate upscale, exclusive and innovative qualities such as elit™ by Stolichnaya® and the elit™ pristine water series have significant potential.”

Sponsorship of the TFWA China’s Century Conference ‘coffee break’ is seen as the perfect way to reinforce the potential of Stoli to retailers and buyers not just from China but throughout the region. ‘During the break session, delegates will be able to sample a variety of Stoli cocktails and learn more about what makes this brand so unique,’ says Aucher.

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January 2015

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