Wednesday, 28 January 2015

PVM takes its sweet new lines to Orlando

Sugar confectionery and chewing gum specialist, Perfetti Van Melle, will be showcasing its newest products at the upcoming Duty Free Show of the Americas (1329 Cypress Ballroom).

PVM’s primary focus is its new Mentos Gum Nano Bottles, positioned to be an alternative gift for adults. The Mentos Gum Gift Pack contains 5 mini bottles with 5 different functional Pure Fresh flavours. Aligning with the current health trend, the gum is sugar free yet does not disappoint on flavour. The assorting packaging allows travellers to sample each of the 5 flavours Fresh mint, Spearmint, Euca Menthol, Bubble Fresh and Lime Mint, which has previously proved to be popular gum flavours.  With no gift item currently present for Gum in travel retail this innovative product is sure to be a popular confectionery item.  

The Mentos Gum Gift Pack contains 5 mini bottles with 5 different functional Pure Fresh flavours.

Also being highlighted from PVM’s vast portfolio of goodies will be the Chupa Chups Animal Mega Chups and Mentos Animal Money-Box, both of which continue to have growth potential in the Americas.

Chupa Chups Animal Mega Chups. Slightly smaller than the existing Mega Chupa Chups for differentiation, these fabulously fun animal head outers each hold ten flavoured lollipops. With three different animals to choose from, including a Giraffe, Rhino and Panda, along with a different coloured stick for each animal, they are a perfect gift for girl or boy.  The empty container becomes a collectible ‘hand doll’ to play with or to refill with lollipops.

Mentos Animal Money-Box . Available in four different flavours including Strawberry, Lemon, Cola and Orange, these Mentos feature in an animal piggy bank.  Offered in three animal choices:  Lion, Zebra, or Elephant, these  chewy sweets are a great gift product for any child that loves animals or loves to save money.

Other recently added lines include the Mentos Pouch Bag - a brightly coloured premium resealable pouch bag containing 175g Mentos Dragees in three flavour: mint, fruit and strawberry mix. It is important to offer the traveller a balanced assortment to meet the different needs of passengers.

Immediate and short term needs of passengers require a dedicated space at the cash till point. The Mentos Pouch Bag is ideal for snacking and sharing. Mentors and Chupa Chups benefit from high public awareness and desirability. They increase footfall in the shop.

Susan De Vree, PVM GTR Manager says: “There is still huge potential to grow the sugar confectionery category in the travel retail sector, particularly in the Americas! In the US, some 40% of confectionery sales is sugar-based and is this is still not generally reflected in the travel retail offer.
“At PVM we will continue to offer innovative, fun and often exclusive lines to travel retail buyers, supported by colourful and attractive merchandising options, to enable them to grow their sugar confectionery offer confidently. We look forward to discussing these initiatives with our existing and new customers in Orlando this March.”

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