Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Ricola reports good start for new travel retail range

Ricola, the expert in Swiss herb confectionery, is already seeing results from its investment into developing travel retail exclusive concepts, presented to buyers at TFWA World Exhibition last year.

In pocket-size packaging perfect for impulse purchase and offering excellent retail margins, the new lines will be listed by Dubai Duty Free (only 75g tins), Dufry and Heinemann this year. In addition, the four limited edition tins created exclusively for Dufry stores in Europe will continue to be available through 2018.

“We’ve been very pleased with the reaction to our new travel retail portfolio,” says Andreas Reckart. Head of Travel Retail and Middle East at Ricola. “The Heinemann, Dufry and Dubai Duty Free listings are an excellent kick start for us in our drive to position Ricola as a unique brand in the global travel retail business.  The added decision to expand our regional presence with Dufry is also very significant in our ambition to develop our travel retail business beyond Europe.”

Ricola’s new travel retail concepts have been developed based on extensive consumer research  that revealed the need for self-purchase products to combat the problems associated with travel – dry cabin air, lack of water, mouth freshness/breath and change of climate.

The resulting two items for global travel retail are:

1.     A checkout item for individual consumption consisting of 75g tin boxes in three different designs, unwrapped, containing 2.5g sugar-free herb drops in three flavours: Original Herb, Lemon Mint, and Cranberry.

2.     A shelf item for individual consumption comprising of a 125g bag, wrapped, containing 3.6g sugar-free herb drops in a mixed doypack, three flavours: Original Herb, Lemon Mint, and Eucalyptus.

Reckart says the emphasis for 2018 will be on promoting the company and brand to drive awareness of the heritage and history behind its product offer.  “It’s important to promote the products of course, but equally vital is that customers understand the company behind the brand,” he says.

 Ricola is globally known for its premium herb drops, based on a blend of 13 herbs cultivated in the Swiss mountains using environmentally friendly methods. Not only do Ricola products taste great, they also sooth the throat and freshen the breath and, in addition, the majority of the Ricola products are sugar free!  Ricola also pays great attention to the quality of its other basic ingredients and uses no artificial colourings or flavourings. High-quality ingredients are a top priority for Ricola.

            “We’re really excited for 2018; this is going to be the year that all the hard work on  developing           the right portfolio for travel retail will pay off,’ says Reckart.

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