Monday, 22 January 2018

Mazaya brings Out of World Flavours to MEADFA delegates

Mazaya - Jordan’s fast-growing brand of Shisha tobacco, will be sponsoring both lunches at the rescheduled MEADFA Conference in Dubai (Jan 28-30) giving delegates the opportunity to experience the brand’s ‘100 out of this world flavours’ in a relaxed networking environment.

At the heart of the Emirates, Dubai and its neighbouring states are one of the most important regions for Mazaya as it seeks to bring shisha tobacco to travel retail markets globally. “The Emirates acts very much as a trend setter for many Middle Eastern countries,” says Mazaya brand manager Rawan Elayyan. “Dubai is a particularly important focus for us and we have invested heavily in promotions both with Dubai Duty Free and via JC Decaux over the past year. Our ‘Step Out of this World with Mazaya’ and ‘Wish I Could Shisha in the Sky’ promotions were both very successful and very well received resulting in tangible sales growth, while our sponsorship of DDF shopping bags and JCD monthly advertising spots have significantly raised brand awareness.”

Elayyan says Mazaya’s investment into high profile activations along with considerable brand building at travel retail trade exhibitions and events is now seeing solid results. “Business is doing fantastically well,” she continues. “We’ve seen triple digit sales growth in a number of markets including almost 122% year on year in Aldeasa Jordan Airports Duty Free Shops through Dufry. Not only are we seeing sales growth through existing channels but we are also now completing negotiations for new airport listings with a number of retailers both in the region and beyond. We’ve recently added Sharjah and other new business will be announced very soon. The interest from outside the Middle East is really very exciting, although this will remain our core sales channel of course.”

In Dubai, delegates will be able to view the many different flavours of shisha available via a number of displays, all available in various pack sizes. “We are now developing exclusive pack sizes and mixes for retailers which we will be happy to discuss in Dubai,” Elayyan adds.

Next stop for Mazaya after MEADFA is the Summit of the Americas where the brand plans to exhibit for the first time. “We see huge opportunities for Mazaya in the Americas and are keen to bring the shisha experience to delegates from this part of the world,” says Elayyan. There – and during MEADFA – the Mazaya team will be pleased to discuss the shisha opportunity with retailers, especially where there are activation opportunities.
We always look for openings where we can offer an added value experience to consumers; one that makes their journey comfortable and entertaining – as well as introducing them to Mazaya of course, in whatever way is permissible.”

“We know that high profile promotions such as those we run in Dubai and Jordan will not be possible in many airports due to tobacco restrictions but wherever it is possible we plan to create as much theatre and excitement as we can to capture the attention of travellers, introduce the world of shisha, and offer a value shopping incentive,” continues Rawan.

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