Monday, 14 May 2018

New look Stoli® strikes Gold with passengers

Excellent results have been reported for the initial launch of the new look Stoli® Gold into travel retail markets after its global launch at TFWA World Exhibition last year. Activations in both London Heathrow T3 and Dubai Duty Free at the end of 2017 have helped to create greater brand awareness among super-premium vodka drinkers and reposition Stoli® Gold as a status-led luxury brand.

Following this initial success, Lagardère Travel Retail introduced Stoli® Gold into all its major airport from March 2018, with a tasting promotion in Paris CDG, while Heinemann added the new look disrupter spirit into its airport shops as of April 2018, with key brand activation in Frankfurt. Spanish airports will additionally be pushing the product this summer.

Passengers travelling through London Heathrow T3 during the launch of Stoli® Gold (November 2017) were able to sample the spirit via a Mixology Bar either neat or in Bellini and Red & Gold cocktails.

Results show just how effective and vital activations are with Stoli® Gold sales in LHR T3 multiplied by 10 over the previous month and +188% over the same month in 2016. Sales of the Stoli® range in general also saw a significant boost, up 401% in LHR T3 compared to the previous month.

Comments Stoli® Group’s Global Duty Free/Travel Retail Director Jean-Philippe Aucher:  “This activation not only increased sales of the Stoli® portfolio, it also gave us unparalleled direct interaction with consumers. Over the month of promotion, we spoke to 2040 travellers and saw a conversion rate of 23% - which we are very happy with.  For many of those contacts, it was their first experience of Stoli®. We had some excellent responses with consumers loving the new bottle shape of Stoli® Gold, impressed by its smoothness, and enjoying the cocktails. Despite other spirits promotions happening at the same time, we were extremely satisfied with the uptake for the Stoli® range and particularly Stoli® Gold. It’s not just about what happens at the airport, but the memories that consumers take back to their home countries. With passengers we spoke to heading in all global directions, including New York, Dubai, Canada, LA, and Miami – we’re confident that this Stoli® activation will have long-reaching results.”

Meanwhile, at Dubai Duty Free, a Stoli® Gold scratch and win lottery card activation to win a real gold coin, saw sales increase by 185% during November 2017 over the monthly average. Again to introduce Stoli® Gold to consumers, whilst promoting the Stoli® range as a whole, customers buying a bottle received a scratch card which, when revealed, could win them a 5g gold coin, 1g gold coin, or  ‘better luck next time’ result.

About Stoli® Gold
The new Stoli® Gold features include:
       Taller and elegant bespoke bottle shape with added neck and bottom glass embossing
       Metallic front label printed on both sides to reflect as a back label visible through the liquid (no back label)
       Textured label finishes
       Cork cap and tamper evidence with metallic neck label
       Thick metal seal on the neck at the back side of the bottle

The production process has also been upgraded: The raw liquid is now produced from 100% Gubernator Dona winter wheat grown on a single estate, while the water
water is filtered through shungite, rare meteoric rock.The blend is then filtered in the traditional Stoli® way before a final filtration through coils of gold thread. This subtly amplifies the depth, enhances the softness and harmonizes the emerging liquid. It all ensures that exceptional character is retained, making Stoli® Gold the richest of vodka experiences. No other vodka takes such precious elements on its journey and no other vodka leaves such an indelible impression.

Tasting notes
Elegant, fresh and focused, initial hint of vanilla leads to aniseed, which opens up with subtle spice, followed by freshly baked bread notes and light, fresh citrus. Aromas maintain intensity and composure, led by rounded aniseed with hints of spice and fresh citrus.
Elegant, delicate mouthfeel. Opens up with a combination of light creaminess and sweetness, then aniseed appears with a hint of spice, creaminess and sweetness grow, with fresh bread and deeper grain notes emerging; underlying dryness appears adding a counter-point, while aniseed continues to lead, accompanied by some juicy, fresh citrus and a lightly luscious texture.
Light dryness opens up, then subtle sweetness joins in, followed by creamy aniseed which adds range and freshness, with a hint of spice extending the dryness.

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