Tuesday, 13 February 2018


The worldwide launch to travel retail of an exclusive AFTER FLIGHT MASK takes place at this year’s ACI Airport Commercial & Retail event in Tel Aviv, Israel (March 13-15). Beauty brand DERMAGLAM SEOUL (www.dermaglam.com) claims there is nothing else like its range of Korean-manufactured skin-care sheet masks available in travel retail, with the After Flight Mask being unique to the sector.

Designed specifically for the channel, the After Flight premium, superfine fibre sheet mask has been created to treat dehydrated, tired skin that has been exposed to the extreme conditions of air travel. The mask is infused with hydrating, soothing revitalizing serum that instantly rejuvenates and wakes up tired skin. Each mask pack is just 20g and can be sold separately or in boxes of five units, making it ideal for ground shops and airlines with no LAGS issues through airport security.

“It's a best seller for our existing travel retail partners,” says DERMAGLAM SEOUL Co-CEO David Edelstein. “There’s really nothing else like it available to the sector. It’s perfect to use after a long flight, or on holiday after exposure to sun, salt water and chlorine.”

DERMAGLAM SEOUL is a premium Korean beauty brand currently operating in Israel; the first company to bring sheet masks – the worldwide mega beauty trend – to the local market. Within Israel, DERMAGLAM SEOUL has already established an excellent travel retail business with listings via JR/Duty Free James Richardson at Tel Aviv airport (Terminal 1 and 3). Products are also offered inflight on Israir Airlines and Arkia and will be going onboard El Al from April this year. The range is also sold via DERMAGLAM SEOUL’s own website and through Adika (the leading fashion brand for young women in Israel) and via Yarin Shahaf – the country’s leading makeup artist school.

Now the company is looking to expand its business globally and sees travel retail as the perfect spring-board from which to raise the brand’s profile and awareness.

Alongside the AFTER FLIGHT MASK, DERMAGLAM SEOUL has highlighted two other products that are ideal for travel retail, including the PREMIUM GOLD SNAIL INTENSE GLAM MASK. Another best seller with the brand’s existing travel retail clients, this premium Hydrogel Gold mask that acts as a luxury face treatment with instant anti aging results.

Launching for the first time at the ACI Europe event will be a new line - PREMIUM COLLAGEN REPAIR ANTI AGING MASK. This premium Collagen booster treatment is formulated with cutting edge technologies to give tension, vitality and elasticity to mature skin in just 20 minutes.

DERMAGLAM SEOUL believes its products are perfect for travel retail globally in all distribution channels as the demand for proven skincare products expands and the influence of K-Beauty continues to gain traction outside Asia. “K-Beauty is essentially a name to categorize the Korean Influence upon western world skincare,” explains Edelstein. “K-beauty is focused on health, hydration and a preferred lack of pigment - as opposed to the west's sun-ravaged aspirations. Pristine, perfected and pale skin is a measure of beauty so the products that come out of Asia have high specific standards to enable those goals.

“Once, western brands led the way, now the axis of influence has shifted and due to a combination of factors South Korea has become the global leader in cutting-edge beauty innovation in a relatively short period of time. K-Beauty is believed to be at least 7-years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of innovation, which means western brands naturally seek SoKo’s lead on trends.”
It is this innovation that makes DERMAGLAM SEOUL of such interest to a travel retail industry constantly looking for products that offer consumers that point of difference over the High Street. “We are an exclusive brand, only available online, specialist makeup venues or – currently – through Tel Aviv airport and onboard selected airlines,” continues Co-CEO Etti Barkin. “ We are hoping that exhibiting at the ACI Airport Commercial & Retail Event in Tel Aviv will introduce DERMAGLAM SEOUL to airport and retail delegates from throughout Europe, of course, but our strategy is to seek distribution worldwide.”
Compact packaging makes the range ideal for inflight sales and, says the company, there are options for combination packs combining different masks together. “We’re able to meet the margin requirements of travel retail and maintain a good value proposition to the consumer,” continues Barkin. “DERMAGLAM SEOUL masks are flying out through Israeli travel retail; it’s time for this success to go global!”

The world of Dermaglam is one of innovative scientific breakthroughs. The company strives to go behind the limits of imagination in order to offer consumers breathtaking results and a magical, luxurious experience.
Using the Korean beauty philosophy and precious ingredients, Dermaglam created a collection of premium face masks, designed to intensely fight the signs of aging and instantly rejuvenate skin.
All Dermaglam skincare products are approved by the Korean Ministry of Drug & Health, the American FDA and the Israeli Ministry of Health.
They are the result of years and years of research and development done by our international, GMP certified laboratories in Seoul.

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